External Features

Exterior Cladding Options

Modular buildings do not have to all look alike. They can be finished in a number of different external materials, including wood, textured or smooth paint finishes as well as plastic coated steel. All available in a huge range of colour options.

Timber finishes are available in natural or a colour of choice.

Colorcoat steel cladding provides a wide range of durable and easy to maintain colour options.

Textured exteriors also provide easy to maintain exteriors.

Windows & Doors

Windows and doors are available in a choice of material, style and construction.

UPVC double glazed windows.

Double doors and full height windows are available.

A wide range of single and double commercial entry doors can be incorporated.

Flooring Materials

Various floor coverings are available to suit your specific requirements

Carpet can be provided in either traditional sheet or tile, in a choice of colours.

Vinyl floor covering is available for wet areas, canteens and changing rooms in a choice of colours and styles.

Timber floors or timber effect vinyl are also available.

Access Facilities

Staircases, ramps and steps can be supplied.

External timber ramps and steps can be provided for access and for use as fire escapes and emergency exits.

External Steel access stairways, landings and walkways can be provided.

Internal Stairways can be incorporated into the design.

On Site Services

A full range of onsite services are available as part of our package including foundations and service supplies.

Preparation of the site, ready to receive and support the modules, is limited to a foundation of levelled pads. 

The modules are delivered by road transport ready for direct installation.

Final stage of the installation, here we see the modules are loaded directly onto the foundations.